My pet ninja turtles!

This summer we did a trip in Nocturne to Ponza and Palmorola.  On the way there we saw a sea turtle!!!

WOW look it’s a sea turtle!

It was the first time that I’d seen a turtle and it was love at first sight! It was huge and graceful. We did three loops around it to get a better look at it, and it was interested in us too.

My dad thought it was a female and wanted to name her Shelly.  My mum however, thought it was a male and wanted to call him Micheal-Angelo.

I just thought it was PAWESOME!

We carried on to Palmorola and had a fantastic time.  When we crossed over to Ponza my humans went into the town and they were excited because there was a big market on. When they came back to the boat they had a little plastic container with two really cute baby turtles!!!

It probably wasn’t the most sensible idea to buy the little mites since none of us knew very much about them at the time. But my humans and I were so carried away with the romance of it all. We’d seen a huge sea turtle and adopting two baby fresh water ones, seemed like such a great (even if perhaps a little reckless) idea. They are the best souvenir, of the best holiday, ev-er. Purrr!

Michael-Angelo and Shelly!

I would never recommend getting a new pet without researching them and their needs properly first. But luckily my humans and I took our new little responsibilities very seriously and did lots of reading up on them.

Hey ninja!

We decided to name our new little friends Shelly and Michael-Angelo. Of course! What else?! Unfortunately, Shelly refused to eat and after about a week she died. We were all very sad as we had tried giving her everything the books suggested and everything we could think of, but she just wouldn’t eat. So Michael-Angelo was left on his own.

My mum pestered my dad to get Michael-Angelo a little friend and finally he relented and we brought home a tiny little turtle. We were worried that he might be sickly because he was minute! My dad’s awesome niece Chloebug had the honour of naming him and she decided he looked like a ‘Milo’. He seemed to like his new name so everyone was happy.

The turtles lived on Nocturne for a few weeks until my dad declared, ‘ They’ve gotta go!’ He thought they were always in his way and that they’d be much better off in the flat. So, on one of our drives from Rome to Nice mum and I brought them back to the flat.

Temporary Tank…

Michel-Angelo was really starting to grow and mini Milo was promising to grow by eating lots, so we knew we needed to buy them a tank.  In the meantime they lived in the bidet for a few days! Poor little guys!

Now they have a lovely little tank. They will need a bigger one as they grow, but we are prepared for that and we love watching them get bigger. They live in the bathroom as the little tank doesn’t have a lid and mum says I can’t be trusted on my own with them. They are so cute, they love diving and climbing up on rocks. They are my little ninja turtles!

When mum and I go down to be with dad, we have lovely friends who look after them. They love them just as much as I do (well nearly). I’m so lucky to have such nice friends that look after my pets while I’m away.

I can’t wait until we get them a nice big aquarium with a lid. Then they will move into the lounge and I can watch them all the time!

Eskimo kisses

Best friends


  1. Hi, there, Bailey
    I’m visiting from One Spoiled Cat. You may have seen my comments on his blog. (Sammy is my boycatfriend! I should say: my VIRTUAL boycatfriend.) Anyway, I saw your name on his blog, and thought it was interesting, so I thought I would pay you a visit. What an amazing life you have, Bailey!! Nice to meet you!
    Oh – and my Mom’s son was really into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when he was little, so she likes the name Michael-Angelo for your pet turtle!


    • Hi Dianna! Nice to meet you too! That’s nice I think Sammy is super cool too! Ninja turtles are great aren’t they! I’m going to pop over to see you now =^.^=


      • How cute that Bailey signed his comment on my blog: “Bisous Bailey”. My former kitty was named “Beezy”, and sometimes I would call him “Bisous”. Happy that you’re following my blog now, and I’m signing up for yours!


  2. Sorry you lost shelly but glad to see Milo and Michael Angelo are doing so well. I love the pic of you lying next to their tank.


  3. I love turtles! They are absolutely adorable!
    Sorry to hear about Shelly. 😦


  4. Bailey I love your little pet turtles….they are adorable and I also think their names are way cool. I bet it’s fun to watch them swim and put their little noses on the other side of the glass where YOUR nose is for a little friendly sniff! I’m glad my Mom’s friend Dianna came to visit – her cat Sundae is my virtual girlfriend. (tee hee) Anyway, thanks for sharing pix of your pets. Hope you’ve had a nice Sunday!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam


    • Aww thank you.

      I think you guys make the perfect virtual furry couple!

      Don’t tell mum but when she’s not looking I like to pat them lightly with my paw. They don’t mind it’s a little game we play when they swim fast. I guess that’s why they are usually shut behind a door. Once I managed to get my paw under and open it…. but since then my mum latches it really tight! She’s a spoilt sport!

      Hope you’ve had a great Sunday too.

      Bisous Bailey


  5. Bailey, you’re so pawsome on the last picture especially!
    Sorry about Shelly 😦


  6. They sound like such great companions. We do look forward to seeing them grow – they might get rather larger!


  7. How cute 🙂


  8. Interesting story about the turtles. You might want to check my posting about the Loggerhead turtle:



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