Loving LED Lights!

I’ve been saying for a while that we need to sort out the lighting in the bathroom because it was very dark. This is what it looks like normally in the day time… We have deck prisms which let a lot of light in and it’s lovely, but at night-time it looks very different… With […]

Cubby holes!

One of my favourite things about Nocturne is that I have so many cubby holes to choose from. This one outside is my favourite though… In 17 days mum and I will do the road trip from Nice to Rome and it’s finally our holidays! I’m so excited! Paws crossed for good weather! Bisous Bailey

Tails up!

Trying to keep a secret…

Today I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my mum’s grandad! He and grandma are known as The Gramps and they are the most pawesome humans ever! We were lucky to speak to them this morning and were very happy that they both loved our birthday present. I’m also very excited because part […]

Eating like a King!

One great thing about cat camp is that I’m eating like a King! The nice lady feeds me at the same time everyday! Really really nice food. I have the same Science Plan biscuits that I have at home as well as some pawesome cat meat! At home I have to remind the humans to […]

Salty Stanchions

Hi everyone from cat camp! I’m having a pawesome time here, I love being allowed outside into the jungle. I caught a fly yesterday, so my stalking abilities are improving! Hopefully this means I’ll be able to progress to catching fish this summer. The humans are on their way to Ireland today and they’ve promised […]

Purrfect patience!

Super fun on Captain Tony’s super yacht!

I’ve had so much fun on Captain Tony’s boat! It’s a great playground for boat cats! Since I was a wee baby boat cat I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited aboard lots. I love exploring! My humans love it too! The kitchen is cool, it’s so shiny and lots of times I’ve been […]

Captain Tony’s retiring!

My best friend Captain Tony is retiring! He is one of the most interesting humans I know. He’s done everything! He knows everything there is to know about boats, and we trust and value his opinion. He’s given us all such helpful advice. Here he is… sailing with mum on my beloved Nocturne. And here […]

Marine + shop = crazy prices!

Yesterday the humans went looking at marinas around the coastline here in Nice. We are hoping that dad and Nocturne can move up here soon. They spent a lot of time in the marine shops… Which meant that Dad was happy… Mum likes the home sections too. She liked this… Until she saw the price! […]