Stress-free weekend ahead!

My human has finally submitted her portfolio to university today after a big drama about file size, formatting and compressing. She was in such a state that I relented on my tough love approach and sat on her lap to calm her down for a bit! I save these moments for times of need so […]

Time to sack the staff!

Furiends I’m very annoyed because my staff completely messed up the scheduling of my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday! She thought it was finished, but it was only actually saved to drafts! Silly human! In her defense though, she’s been working hard on her new blog too. She’s started a 10 part series on how my […]

Judith Kerr is a pawesome lady!

Today mum went to see the lovely Judith Kerr talk about her life and her work. She’s the well loved author of the bestselling children’s books The tiger who came to tea and Mog the forgetful cat aswell as many many more. At 93 she’s still attending big events and pulling in massive crowds. Mum […]

Writer Woes!

Furiends I was hoping to have good news about an article I was asked to write a while ago for the children’s section of a boating magazine. I wrote my article and sent it in for the deadline a couple of weeks ago. I got an email back thanking me and saying that they’d be […]