Cloudy in Corfu

Well I’m sad to say it looks like summer’s over here in Corfu. Over the last couple of days we’ve seen a couple of storms and LOTS of rain! I had to instruct my human to bail the dinghy because it was full of water. I’ve had a lovely relaxing day though and to be […]

Still floating…

Furiends of course I’m happy that we’re still floating but my darling Nocturne was supposed to be coming out of the water today. When we woke up this morning the weather wasn’t in the mood for cooperating. The strong wind and big swell would’ve added up to an unpleasant trip out of the marina, around […]

Watching the weather!

Here in Rome it’s a beautiful day. We’re enjoying glorious sunshine! In Cornwall, where mum is however, it looks grey and drizzly. I know which one I prefer! What about you? Do you prefer the sunshine and warm weather or cold wintery days? Bisous, Bailey

Fab Feb!

Furiends I’ve enjoyed a beautiful sunny day here in Rome. It’s been fabulous! I had a good look around outside and loved checking everything out after so long stuck inside. The humans and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon catching up with a furiend in the cockpit… luckily for me it’s not rude to snooze when […]

The rain’s back!

After a beautiful couple of weeks the rain’s back with a vengeance today. We’ve had quite a surge here in the marina so I’ve been overseeing everything from the comfort of my cosy case. I’ve sent the humans to lubricate the mooring lines with some washing up liquid mixed with water because it keeps them […]

‘Sun’ day?

I’m not sure why it’s called Sunday, because I can assure you, there’s no sign of the sun here in Nice. It’s grey and wet. I much prefer the sunshine. I can’t wait until the real sunny days come back! Until then I shall mainly be purrfecting the art of cat-napping! Both my humans are […]

Stormy Stowaway

I’ve been overhearing the humans and I’m not very happy. It sounds like a week of sailing is off the cards due to the weather forecast. We only have 5 days and a weather forecast that means we might not be able to come back into the marina (It’s safer out to sea than trying […]

Weather watch…

The humans and I are checking the weather forecast today and trying to decide if it will be nice enough for us to sail to Ponza next Friday. Remember I told you they were supposed to be going on a sea survival course, but sadly the business went bust. Well this is the purrfect way […]

Final preparations and wonderful weather!

I’m so excited I could burst! I’m putting the finishing touches to my present for dad and doing the final preparations to be ready to leave. I’m looking forward to the journey from Nice to Rome and then obviously to our sailing holiday! It’s still a little way away but so far the weather’s looking […]

What a difference a week makes!

Spring is finally making an appearance! This was the view from the cabin last week… And this was the view today! I’m so happy! Have a great week everyone! Bisous Bailey