Please Pray for Polly

Furiends I’m very worried today because cousin Polly was rushed into emergency surgery last night around 11PM. She’s been dianosed with bloat which I’d never heard of before, but can be life threatening for dogs. It twisted her gut which is why she needed surgery. She’s out of surgery but hasn’t eaten anything yet and […]

Slimming down for the summer!

Humans really do fuss over nothing don’t they? I’ve slimmed down a little recently and due to that my human thought it would be a good idea to spend over an hour waiting in line at the vet today! Purr-lease! We all know that when it’s hot we don’t feel like eating as much and […]

Wild with rabies -the injection!

I’ve had my injection and it was quite eventful! The waiting room was nice I got to meet a lovely little cat that reminded me of my friend Zoey . She’s paralysed from the tummy down and her mum was telling me all about her and their life. She was so tiny and really very […]