Visit to the vets – twice in two days!

I have good news furiends! I don’t have the nasty parasite Giardia, that April has! I did, however, have to have my vaccinations today. Thank you to all of you that wrote to me yesterday with well wishes for us both and to all of you who suggested that the vets check me for hyperthyroidism. […]

I’ve broken a bone or my dew claw but it’s not slowing me down!

Well furiends when we arrived at the vet yesterday it was closed! We didn’t realise it was a holiday here in Rome. Since it certainly wasn’t an emergency we waited and went back this morning. It was an eventful morning. When I went in I met a dog. We were getting along fine until she […]

The dreaded V-day!

Unfortunately today was the dreaded V-day. I happily got into my wheelie bag thinking we were going for a nice stroll, when I saw my medical documents surface and I realised it must be time to visit the vet. Now I have nothing against him purrsonally, you understand, but there’s much better things I’d rather […]