Happy World Peace Day Furiends!

Time to sack the staff!

Furiends I’m very annoyed because my staff completely messed up the scheduling of my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday! She thought it was finished, but it was only actually saved to drafts! Silly human! In her defense though, she’s been working hard on her new blog too. She’s started a 10 part series on how my […]

Furiends again!

April and I are furiends again after a cooling off period from yesterday. Admittedly we’re mostly furiends on different levels, but at least we’re furiends! I was feeling really bad about April’s nose but after looking this morning there’s not really anything there so that’s good. Today April went to the vets and had her […]

April’s being told off!

Caturday family catch ups!

Today we’ve spent all of Caturday catching up with Joe and Donna. I’ve not seen them for over three years when they came to visit mum and I, when we still lived in Nice. April’s never met them, obviously, so we’ve had great fun today! I hope you’re all having a very Happy Caturday! Bisous, […]

Mum’s home!

We’re all back together this evening because mum has come home from the U.K. She also brought her brother and sister-in-law (Joe and Donna) back too. We’re all going to have a pawesome weekend and I’m very excited! I’d also like to give a huge shout out to say thank you again to Darcy and […]

Caturday Connections- Digger

This week I have the purrleasure to introduce you all to April’s brother, Digger, who will be joining my cousins in Cornwall on Monday! Welcome Digger! So tell everyone a little bit about yourself Digger! My pedigree name is Zeabo Xpert Digger but I go by the name Digger mostly. I’m a Border Collie and […]

A month of visitors!

The best thing about living on land is that we have lots of space. That means we can invite our loved ones to stay more frequently, even the ones that don’t have sea legs! The whole month we have a stream of visitors coming and it’s really fun. Our lovely furiend Donna left today and […]

Startled selfie!

Happy Caturday!

Dear furiends, I hope you’re all having a PAWESOME Caturday! My lovely Canadian furiend, Donna, (who used to look after me in Nice when my mum travelled) is here with us this weekend! I’m having so much fun with her and she loves the lake too. I hope you’re all having fun too? What are […]