Food for thought

The humans are back and we’ve got lots of food for thought. They’ve seen some horrible places but they’ve also seen a few pawesome places. They are all very different though, and now we need to decide where and how we’d like to live while we’re temporarily on land! How on earth do you choose […]

House hunting!

Tomorrow I’m packing the humans off to Milan to go house hunting. I’ve given them a list of my requirements and I’m hopeful that they will do me proud. I’ll be staying here looking after Nocturne and the lobsters. The lobsters don’t care about our new living arrangements, they’re taking their house with them. It’s […]

Will you be my Valentine?

Profile Selfie

Happy New Year!

Dear furiends! The party is truly underway here aboard Nocturne with four an a half hours to go until midnight! We’re all looking forward to 2016 and new adventures! I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2016 with lots of health and happiness! Sail into the new year remembering you’re […]

Reindeer selfies

Mini-drone devil!

Furiends the humans have invited a mini-drone into our lives and I’m not very impressed! It’s a mini-devil! Unfortunately, unlike the dinghy devils it also buzzes around inside the boat. As you know, dad has the big drone which takes pawesome videos and photos but it’s not really suitable for playing with. So this new […]

Fish TV

Feeling Festive!

Happy 1st of December furiends! I’m feeling festive because as I paw this the humans are putting up our Christmas decorations! It’s so exciting! We haven’t got a tree yet because mum insists on finding a ‘boat sized’ real one every year and we haven’t seen any yet, but we have got lights and tinsel […]

My favourite photo!

My favourite photo from this year is this one: It makes me so happy when I look at it! It reminds me of our favourite anchorage, long days of swimming for the humans and exotic fish TV for me. When you zoom in you can see the three of us having a great time! What’s […]