Not long now…

Noccy is doing well!

Today dad flew down to Rome to check on Noccy. Mum hasn’t gone because of April. Initially I was really annoyed because I thought if it weren’t for April, mum and I would’ve gone too…but mum said she would’ve flown with dad and I would’ve had a friend here to watch over instead of my […]

One week until we go back to Nocturne!

Furiends I can’t wait for next week because we’re heading back to Nocturne! The humans have nearly two weeks off and we’re going sailing! We’ve not decided where we’re going to go yet, but wherever we go I know it will be pawesome! I can’t wait to feel the sea breeze through my fur again! […]

Sibling Selfie!

Busy in the boatyard!

The humans are on their way back to the lakes and me now! They’ve been busy taking care of Nocturne! The blue boat beside Noccy was anti fouled this morning and looks great. Nocturne’s hull is looking good and once she’s been anti-fouled she’ll be purrfect again! I love the yard because there’s always fun […]

Sea breeze sniff!

Captain Bailey!

Missing Nocturne

Furiends I’m very happy in my new home but I’m missing Nocturne a lot too. She’s not just a boat for us, she breathes and she’s our home. The house is pawesome and we’re making it homely but I still can’t quite get used to my bed always staying still! Nocturne is safely drying out […]

Hide and seek!

Today we’ve been playing hide and seek games with mum. I usually win, but today the winner by a mile was Thermi! Mum turned around and counted to 10 and Thermi disappeared so well that mum was really starting to worry! Mum thought she’d gone behind the bookshelves but couldn’t see how because the gap […]

Spring Sailing onto Land!

There’s nothing nicer than a fresh sail in spring to blow away the barnacles! We had a pawesome day today with an early start and a sunny sail. I was very excited to be out of the marina. I love feeling the breeze ruffle my fur. Instead of going back to our home berth however, […]