Swans and boats!

Friends, as most of you know I’m NOT a fan of Dinghy Devils… But I really love swans… I’ve not spent much time on the lake, but Blue has informed me that there are lots of swans that live on it. I can’t wait to go and visit them too! I need to get over […]

April’s making furiends on the lake!

Today April’s been making new furiends on the lake. She met and shared some food with a group of 24 swans! To begin with she was quite shy and the swans were hissing at her but, once everybody had some food, they were all quite intrigued by each other. I’ve not gone out on the […]

Starting the year by fighting a fear!

Furiends remember how I confessed to you that I was afraid of the swans that my human has been feeding… Well today I decided to start the year by fighting my fear! They’re actually really fun to watch! I got quite comfortable with them after we’d made acquaintances! My human has written some resolutions on […]

A new furiend in the marina!

I’ve made a new furiend in the marina and I’m very happy! She’s beautiful! She loves it when the humans throw her tasty treats! If I’m honest I’m a little bit weary of my new furiend because she looks a little bit scary when she raises her head! Hopefully she’ll keep coming back until I’m […]

Swanning around

So my mum deserted me went to be with dad again and I’m here in Nice enjoying Elizabeth’s company. She came over twice yesterday and then again for breakfast this morning. We love playing together and she loves the turtles just as much as I do. Mum’s been betraying me being kind to the feral […]