‘Sun’ day?

I’m not sure why it’s called Sunday, because I can assure you, there’s no sign of the sun here in Nice. It’s grey and wet. I much prefer the sunshine. I can’t wait until the real sunny days come back! Until then I shall mainly be purrfecting the art of cat-napping! Both my humans are […]

Balcony balancing

Remember I was telling you all about trying to get out of wearing my harness because I hate being on the lead? I tried to change the compass heading and it didn’t work! Well now that I’m spending a little time in the flat, I’ve been out on the balcony and I’m being forced to […]


Sunshine seeker

Dad and mum’s mum have left today. So it’s just mum, the turtles and I left in the flat. We are missing them lots already. But we’re busy setting up the new turtle tank and wistfully dreaming of the summer. It’s been winter too long now in my whiskery opinion. I want to be out […]