What a difference a week makes!

Spring is finally making an appearance! This was the view from the cabin last week… And this was the view today! I’m so happy! Have a great week everyone! Bisous Bailey

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you’re all having a lovely day and not eating too many Easter eggs! We have finally got some sunshine here in Nice and I was allowed out onto the balcony to check on my daffodils… I’m very happy to report they are doing well and enjoying the sunshine too! Bisous Bailey

Sunshine seeker

Dad and mum’s mum have left today. So it’s just mum, the turtles and I left in the flat. We are missing them lots already. But we’re busy setting up the new turtle tank and wistfully dreaming of the summer. It’s been winter too long now in my whiskery opinion. I want to be out […]