Sail team!

It’s been blowing a hooley here for the last few days. We’ve mostly been snuggled up aboard Nocturne, who’s been trying to dance around her lines, but yesterday disaster struck not one but TWO boats so I sent the humans out to help. If Nocturne was alone and in trouble I’d hope that someone would […]

Heaving to for a cat nap!

I’m feeling well rested now and ready to tell you all about our adventures yesterday furiends. We left Ponza and had good favourable winds for our journey back to Rome. Everything was going smoothly until dad realised the engine was overheating. He went down to check it out and saw a little bit of water […]

Storm surveillance

Strobe lighting in the boat from the Cat in the sky!

Furiends I’m not sure why, but the Cat in the sky was very angry last night! He was growling and hissing ALL night! Naturally I was worried about how the humans were coping, they seemed a little scared. I reassured them it was OK and the furry guy would settle down again soon! The whole […]

The power of Ponza!

So as most of you know, our dream is to sail off and go cruising around the world. We are planning and preparing for our adventure and hope to be ready to leave in a year or two. There are a few projects we would like to do on the boat which we’ll tell you […]

Warm and cosy…

Windy in Roma!

Furriends I’m so happy! I’m on my boat in Roma! It’s very windy but I’m nice and cosy relaxing inside. My humans went out for a walk today but I was sensible and stayed at home. Look at what they saw along the beach! The Italian version of Sandy is currently passing through here. Lets […]

Wild weather and salty storms!

What is going on with the weather at the moment?  Two days ago it was clear skies and a lovely catbathing 26 degrees here in Rome.  Fast forward a couple of days and we are getting thrashed around in an impressive storm. Last night was one of the roughest nights I’ve ever spent on the […]