Watching out for Santa Paws

Throwback Thursday!

Furiends, I’ve been trying to find a good solution to organise my thousands of photos and I’ve really enjoyed looking at old photos. This photo was taken three years ago! I wasn’t as keen back then on posing for the camera… I’m much more professional now! How do you organise all of your old photos? […]

Tucked up on Tuesday

Today is one of those days where I’ve stayed tucked up warm and cozy in my bed ALL day! I’ve seen the humans coming and going and they’re soaking wet so I think it’s best to stay nice and dry in my bed! I’m hoping the weather will get better soon though so I can […]

Santa Paws is getting ready!

Furiends today the humans and I officially started our Christmas shopping and its’s so exciting! It might seem a little early, but we hate the crowds and the mad rush in the last two weeks before Christmas so we started today. Since we more or less know what we’d like to get evfurryone it was […]

Santa Paws is coming…

Furiends I hope you enjoy this very festive edition of Film on Friday! What do you think, do I make a good Santa Paws? I hope you all have a pawesome weekend! Bisous, Bailey

Santa Paws!

  I’m feeling very festive! I’ve being getting into the Catmas spirit. I have my very own tree and most of my presents are now wrapped up underneath it. I’m covered in glitter from the wrapping paper, but all my whiskers are in tact! I’m very happy today! Happy holidays everyone! =^.^=       […]