Sail team!

It’s been blowing a hooley here for the last few days. We’ve mostly been snuggled up aboard Nocturne, who’s been trying to dance around her lines, but yesterday disaster struck not one but TWO boats so I sent the humans out to help. If Nocturne was alone and in trouble I’d hope that someone would […]

Challenging the Captain.

The first rule on any boat is: THE CAPTAIN IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Now I would (rather controversially) argue he’s always right, except when he’s wrong! I know that my Captain (dad) is very knowledgable and the First Mate and I trust him completely. We are learning lots from him, but ever so occasionally I like […]

Home sweet home!

We’re back in Rome! One of the great things about sailing away in Nocturne is that we never actually left home! Our home came with us! But now she’s back in her berth in our marina. Yesterday at 5.30 the humans got up and the next thing I knew the anchor was coming up, the […]