Mum’s away…Maddie and Matt to the rescue

Dear Furiends as you might remember mum went away yesterday for a flying visit to her family in Cornwall in the U.K. We’re missing her already! Dad has got a really bad foot so he’s in agony and practically immobile. That’s left me to look after April and the lobsters! Luckily I have my very […]

Sideways Selfie!

Wave watching!

Big announcement tomorrow!

Hi Furiends, I teased you a little bit last week about some news that I have. Well you know how much I love to tease… so today I’ll just say that I’m feeling really blue! I will tell you all tomorrow! Wishing you all a pawesome week! Bisous, Bailey

Planning our next adventure!

I can’t wait to set sail again! Even though it’s fast approaching winter here, I’m already longing for the sunshine and lazy summer days again! I’m not sure where we’ll go on Nocturne next year yet, but I’m already happily planning! Sometimes, half of the fun of a trip is planning it! I have some […]

Family time!

Furiends, I just spent a fabulous weekend with family. Baby AJ is absolutely adorable, as I knew he would be. He pulled my fur a few times, but when you’re only eight months old and as cute as he is, you can get away with it! I was very sad to see him, Auntie Jenni […]

Scary selfie!

Caturday Connections – Mario

Furiends, today I have the purrleasure in welcoming the very handsome Mario for Caturday Connections! Welcome Mario! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m 10 years old (we think as I’m a rescue from the shelter). I was at the shelter for 4 months before M and D came in looking for a new […]

Monday madness- barking mad!

Furiends I think my humans are barking mad most of the time, but I’ve been hearing whispers today that have confirmed my worst fears…They’re crazy! They’ve not officially told me yet, so I’d better not say anything. I can’t let the cat out of the bag that I eavesdrop, but I think you’re all going […]