Tunnel vision.

I’m missing sailing very much at the moment and can’t wait until we head off for another couple of weeks next month. I’m stuck in the flat while the humans go to work and since only boring cats get bored, I occupy myself with all my tiger toys! The trouble is, sometimes I can get […]

Preparing to go cruising- side effects!

Our dream to go cruising is steadily becoming a reality as the humans and I are ticking off things, on the very long to do list. We are preparing both Nocturne and our personal lives ready to cast off on our adventure. My humans and I have noticed that our plans and choice of lifestyle […]

Can you ever be over prepared?

Now we all know the famous Scouts saying ‘always be prepared’ but one of the boats in our marina has me questioning, is there such a thing as being over prepared? For such a small boat it’s equipped with a huuge number of devices and what looks like junk unimportant things, that to my eyes […]