We’re back by the lakes!

Well furiends we’ve done another big road trip back from Rome to our house by the lakes. The humans get tired on road trips but I love them! I love the breaks when I get to patrol the car and check everything is in good order. I’m sorry about the grainy image, it was snapped […]

We’re on the way!

Well furiends we’re on the way! I love road trips because I get to sing to mum and I get lots of extra treats! The trip from Lake Maggiore down to Rome will take us around six hours. This is April’s first long road trip, so we will be making lots of stops on the […]

Harleys roaring through my marina!

Yesterday mum dropped me off at cat camp. She has to go to London for work for a few days. She went via Rome though because there is a huge festival to celebrate 110 years of Harley Davidson… In OUR marina! Apparently it’s pawesome with thousands of bikes as well as stands, shops and a […]

Cubby holes!

One of my favourite things about Nocturne is that I have so many cubby holes to choose from. This one outside is my favourite though… In 17 days mum and I will do the road trip from Nice to Rome and it’s finally our holidays! I’m so excited! Paws crossed for good weather! Bisous Bailey