A lovely lazy week!

Furiends, I’ve had the best lazy week that I’ve had in a long time. I’ve not even lifted a paw! In my defense though, it has been too hot to move… I’ve stuck to the shade and had multiple wet paper towel baths. I usually don’t like getting wet but in the extreme heat its […]

Hanging out in my purrsonal hammock!

What are Mondays for if not for lounging around in a hammock?! My purrsonal hammock is the sail cover! I was inconspicuously relaxing minding my own business…. Until a human came to check up on me! I was quick to point out that a boat cat needs his down time and the humans should patiently […]

Relaxing in the jungle.

I hope you all have a very relaxing end to your weekend. I’m dreaming of being out on the water, ideally fishing. It’s my favourite way to relax! It’s my last weekend at cat camp, so I’m enjoying the facilities here and relaxing in the jungle outside today. I can’t wait to catch up with […]


Mondays always seem to be so manic for humans… I don’t really understand why. I’m chillaxing today watching with amusement as my humans race around as if they’ve got fleas nipping their heels. Chillaxing is quite an art form it requires both chilling out and relaxing at the same time. Felines are masters of it, […]

Chilling Caturday!

Relaxing Caturday!

Happy Caturday everyone! Both my humans are working today so I’m just chilling out and relaxing! There’s really nowhere more comfy than the sails to snuggle up on! Bisous Bailey

Hanging out

As you know I LOVE being on the boat. One of the best things about being out on anchor is that we get time to just hang out… I take it a little more literally than the humans… I love climbing! I love relaxing just as much as the next cat, but adventure is what […]