Constant rain!

We’ve had constant rain here for the past two days! As you know I usually love to go outside with the humans and the puppies but even I haven’t wanted to venture outside! April and Blue have only been allowed outside under supervision (So they don’t end up looking like muddy monsters again!) and their […]

What a difference a week makes!

Spring is finally making an appearance! This was the view from the cabin last week… And this was the view today! I’m so happy! Have a great week everyone! Bisous Bailey

Grey days are for cleaning and snoozing.

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of March and the weather is still so bad. Today it’s been raining ALL day! It’s not cold particularly, it’s around 13/14 degrees celsius, but its very grey and wet. According to the locals it’s the wettest year the Côte d’Azur has seen in about 25 years! I […]

Windy weekend!

Mum left for Rome last night and left me here in Nice in charge of the turtles. Elizabeth is supervising all the feline fiestas! The humans had their friend Guiliano over for dinner last night, because he’s a great guest he brought them some wine, and because he knew they were both there he assumed […]

Heating heaven

For the first time this year we have finally turned on the heating! Now I know alot of you have probably had it on for months but today, well this evening really, is a first for us. We moved to the flat here in Nice in the Summer, and this is the first time that we […]