Waiting for a delivery!

Mum and I have spent all day waiting for a delivery! It’s one of the annoying things about land-life. In the marina all of our mail went to the marina office. So we were free to do what we pleased and just go and pick up the post from the office when we wanted to. […]

Puppy training is exhausting!

Furiends I’m trying really hard to train April to be a polite young crew member, but it’s really exhausting. She has boundless energy and she loves to push my patience. I stand my ground with her and hiss or bop her on the head when she gets excitable. The humans have installed baby-gates so April […]

Paw Patrol – April’s in training!

It’s very fun training April how to do a paw patrol. She’s a very attentive student which is good. Eight paws on deck is much better than four, of course, but once April is fully trained we will be able to take it in turns and maybe even do shifts. She’s obsessed with watching airplanes, […]

April’s started her induction to crew life!

Furiends it’s very exciting here in our home! April has made all of us very happy. The humans said she was really well behaved in the car on the way home, she only whimpered a tiny little bit around some of the country lanes. As soon as they got onto the motorway she fell asleep, […]