Advance copies arrived!

I’m sooo excited! Today the advance copies of my book arrived. Adlard Coles kindly posted them over so I could see them. I’m so happy with the book. I think it’s pawesome! (Even if I do say so myself!) Mum and mum’s mum were here with me when I opened the parcel and we celebrated […]

Blog to book!

I thought it was time I gave my book it’s very own page! Check it out and let me know what you think. Happy Caturday evfurryone! Bisous from your cat-author furiend, Bailey

Diving in head first!

It’s a new year and most of us will be starting it off with good intentions and resolutions to be better. My resolution is to always dive in head first! I’m usually quite brave anyway but I’m going to really take life by the tail this year and just go for it! Don’t worry I’m […]

Blown away by Bloomsbury Australia!

Yesterday mum popped in to meet all the Bloomsbury ladies in the Sydney office. She sat down and had afternoon tea with Sonia, Kirstin, Bethia and Kate but she was very honoured to meet a very impawtant canine called Jackson! He quietly runs the office and keeps the humans out of mischief while he quality […]

First proofs!

Over the weekend and again today I’ve been looking through my first proofs for my book! I’m putting the final finishing touches in before it goes to be printed. I’m soo excited! I’m really happy with how the book is coming together and I can’t wait until April when it will be published! I was […]

Exclusive first sneak peek at my book!

This coming week is the Frankfurt Bookfair. It’s the biggest book fair in the world! So imagine my excitement when I found out my book is going! My humans often tell me I’m special but we all know that they say and do silly things, so I’ve never taken them too seriously. However, I’m very […]