Beach fun!

Today we motored to the other side of Ponza and anchored in Chiaia di Luna. We decided to take a trip to the beach. I love looking at Nocturne while she’s out on anchor, I think she looks so beautiful. It was my first steps on land for a few days and it was good […]

Birthday out on anchor!

Today is finally dad’s birthday! I was super excited to give him his birthday present… It took me ages to make… You see dad often exclaims ‘wow look at all this fur!’. It turns out this isn’t a good thing! It’s because he doesn’t like my fur everywhere! I’m really quite offended! He loved his […]

Anchoring in Ponza harbour.

Today I’d like to show you Ponza town, this post follows on from Caves in Ponza and Palmarola, explaining why I can’t wait to sail back to Ponza in May. Last year we went twice. In May for two weeks for dad’s birthday and then again in June for two weeks with cousin Chlobug and […]

Caves in Ponza and Palmarola.

One of my favourite things about the islands of Ponza and Palmorola is the fabulous scenery and caves that it boasts. Never before in my life, had I seen such natural beauty as I did when we went exploring in the dinghy! I hope you enjoy my photos and agree that it’s just gorgeous… The […]

Paws in Ponza!

I’m having a sleepy Sunday dreaming of the summer when we are hoping to head back to Ponza and Palmorola two magnificent islands off the coast of Italy. We had the best time last year, this was taken as we left the marina. The humans did lots of snorkelling. And BBQ’s and bonfires on the […]

The epic rise of the ninja boat turtles!

This is the story of my pet ninja’s rise from rags to riches! Michael-Angelo is a red-eared slider and Milo is a yellow belly. The humans were inspired to get them after we saw a sea turtle one day out in Nocturne. We were on our way to Ponza and when we saw these cuties […]

My pet ninja turtles!

This summer we did a trip in Nocturne to Ponza and Palmorola.  On the way there we saw a sea turtle!!! It was the first time that I’d seen a turtle and it was love at first sight! It was huge and graceful. We did three loops around it to get a better look at it, […]