April has had an upgrade!

Furiends my baby sister is now much bigger than I am! Remember when she was a tiny ball of fluff? Well, since then she’s grown into a lanky teenager and she started to look like she’d outgrown her crate… so she’s had a big upgrade! She loves the new crate! She can roll around in […]

Collar customisation.

Furiends remember how I told you I really didn’t want to wear a collar? In fact I was horrified when the humans first suggested it. Well one of my main problems was there was a little dangly bit that was really irritating. So in my photos from the past week you may have noticed the […]

Horrified by dog tags!

Well furiends I’m in need or your support and sympathy today. The humans came back yesterday with dog tags for me! I’m horrified! I do NOT want to wear them! There’s a small one to go on a collar… Yes… A COLLAR! I’ve also got a bigger one to go on my harness (when I’m […]

Turtle trip!

Yesterday after a long absence my human came home only to announce she was going out AGAIN! I wasn’t impressed and demanded an explanation as to what could possibly be more important than spending time with me. It turned out we needed more turtle food. I’m used to long journeys in the car between Nice […]