USA book launch PARTY!

Welcome to my USA book launch party furiends! Today is such an exciting day! I know lots of you have preordered your copy and I hope that the post has arrived on time and you have your paws on your copy! Since it’s such a special day I’ve got some culinary delights in store for […]

My first blogaversary!

Welcome furiends to my boat blog party! It’s my first blogaversary and I’m so excited to share it with you all! Welcome aboard! Be careful as you walk up the passerelle, for those of you who are springy like me sometimes it’s easier to jump! We’ve got balloons! Come on inside and make yourself at […]

The best birthday cake EVER!

We arrived in Rome safely! Now I can finally show you the BIG surprise… It’s dad’s birthday cake! Isn’t it pawesome?! I love it! Dad’s also seen his other surprise… A treasure chest! His birthday presents are inside all locked away! On his birthday he’s got a quiz to do, to test his memory in […]