That Friday Feeling!

Oh yes! I’ve got that Friday feeling! IT’S THE WEEKEND! Hooray! I was feeling rather rock and roll and got a little carried away…. So I fled the scene quickly, oozing nonchalance… And now I’m doing my best to look innocent! Have a pawesome weekend! Bisous Bailey

It’s depends on your point of view…

Mum calls this naughty… I call it helping! What do you think? Bisous Bailey

Berserk for beans

My mum made chilli for our friend Elizabeth this evening. As they sat down to eat their dinner I hopped up onto the side and saw half a tin of kidney beans. My humans are usually such spoil sports hiding the meat away faster than I can lick my lips but tonight was different. The […]

Boys up to mischief!

I love having my dad here because I’m allowed to get away with anything! Today he invented a new game which is so much fun. Mum wasn’t so amused though because she’s been trying to teach me not to pull down the curtains…. Dad thought it was a great idea to hang up the blue […]