Walking on the roof!

Well today has been very exciting… I’ve been walking on the roof! The humans had latched the upstairs window open a tiny bit, but I managed to open it further and I had a great time exploring the roof! I didn’t have a chance to ask the humans to take a photo because they were […]

Unpacking and settling in

Furiends there’s still LOTS of boxes all over the house, it’s paradise! I’m helping with the unpacking and enjoying hiding everywhere… Sometimes I have to be sociable though because the humans miss me. The humans have kindly built me some bookshelves and a fancy new chair. Mum thinks it’s hers, but I’m the pawthor so […]

Boxes galore!

Dear furiends, thank you so much for all of your kind comments and well wishes. We’ve been busy today cleaning and unpacking but there’s still the new furniture to unpack and assemble. I’ve been busy trying to find my ‘spot’, I can’t quite decide where’s best to chill out yet. I’ve not got my cat […]