What a difference a week makes!

Spring is finally making an appearance! This was the view from the cabin last week… And this was the view today! I’m so happy! Have a great week everyone! Bisous Bailey

Sunny Saturday

Happy happy happy on Nocturne today! It’s sunny!!! Hope you’re all having a great weekend! Bisous Bailey

Boat cat survival kit

Mum and I arrived safely last night and dad’s been looking after us. It’s a blustery day here so we’re having a nice chilled out day. We are snug as three little bugs in a rug. I was a bit concerned when the boat next to us came in, because they were shouting lots and […]

The power of Ponza!

So as most of you know, our dream is to sail off and go cruising around the world. We are planning and preparing for our adventure and hope to be ready to leave in a year or two. There are a few projects we would like to do on the boat which we’ll tell you […]

I wish my lunch didn’t have wings!

Windy weekend!

Mum left for Rome last night and left me here in Nice in charge of the turtles. Elizabeth is supervising all the feline fiestas! The humans had their friend Guiliano over for dinner last night, because he’s a great guest he brought them some wine, and because he knew they were both there he assumed […]


Swanning around

So my mum deserted me went to be with dad again and I’m here in Nice enjoying Elizabeth’s company. She came over twice yesterday and then again for breakfast this morning. We love playing together and she loves the turtles just as much as I do. Mum’s been betraying me being kind to the feral […]

You can never be too careful…On watch in the marina!

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight!