Bailey’s Bisous

As most of you all know I’m a French feline. Thanks to my nationality I offer all my furiends ‘Bisous’ as I sign off everyday. These special French kisses are a small token to tell you how much I love and appreciate you all. So today I’d like to be the first to send you […]

The week of love!

Love it or loath it, Valentine’s day is fast approaching! I don’t have a date but I’m really feeling the love for all my family and furiends! I believe that if you love someone you should show them everyday but extra love and special attention on Valentine’s day (especially if it means more treats) really […]

Remember it’s the season of goodwill to all…

Too many humans get so stressed around this time of year. They desperately try to buy things to make Christmas a special occasion, in their rush I’ve heard of them being quite abrupt and even rude to each other! What really matters is loving and caring for one another, spending time with loved ones and […]

Well wishes for the weekend.

This post is dedicated to my sisfur Nylablue. I know many of you already know her and know that she’s been batteling a variety of health complaints, but recently she’s unfortunately been diagnosed with pancreatitis. I’m an honorary Kitty Blue over at The cat on my head. So is the beautiful Nylablue which makes us […]

My new inflatable life jacket! Thank you Critters Inflatable!

Oh my cat I’m so excited! I received a parcel from AMERICA! Do you remember I asked you all for help to win a Critters Inflatable life jacket? I worked hard on my entry which you can see here. Well, even though I didn’t quite make it to 50 000 likes, the lovely people saw […]

Captain Tony’s retiring!

My best friend Captain Tony is retiring! He is one of the most interesting humans I know. He’s done everything! He knows everything there is to know about boats, and we trust and value his opinion. He’s given us all such helpful advice. Here he is… sailing with mum on my beloved Nocturne. And here […]

Learning to love the lap pat!

Happy Caturday everyone! I’m learning to love sitting on the humans laps because it means they pat me lots! I like cuddles but I really love pats! The harder the better! If you didn’t know I loved it so much you might look at my humans and think they were cruel patting my back and […]

Valentine’s Day take two!

So mum has left me all alone the day after Valentine’s day (how rude!), she’s gone down to Rome to be wined and dined by dad. She just rang me super excited because dad was unexpectedly romantic! He made a little treasure hunt all over the boat with beautiful little hearts and hints to find […]

Bailey’s Valentine Bisous!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!!! I want you all to know how much I appreciate you and your lovely messages of encouragement and support with my sailing adventures. I love each and every one of you very much. I hope you all get lots of hugs and kisses from your loved ones and to all my […]

Duvet day

It’s a really grey and miserable day today and so once mum got back we decided to have a duvet day. Apparently for most humans, it means they snuggle up under the duvet and watch films and things. For me this means I stay on top, and play with the funny monster that lives beneath […]