Snow problem in the West End!

The humans are back! They both managed to get on the first flights to Nice and Rome this morning without any hassle. Apparently it was still snowy, but they had snow problems getting back. Mum came and picked me up at lunchtime and since then I’ve been doing my cute routine and getting lots of […]

Shivering in the snow!

I’ve just heard from my humans! They’re stuck in a very snowy London because their flights have been cancelled! They sent me a couple of photos because I’ve never seen the snow. Never ever! I think it looks soo pretty. My dad’s been doing a seminar all day and my mum went for lunch with […]

London boat show

Hi from cat camp everyone! My humans have gone off to the boat show in London today and so I’m enjoying some time with my fellow felines at cat camp! They just rang and told me they’ve had a great day! Dad is very happy to have bought a wifi antenna so we can get […]

Happy Guy Fawkes night everyone!

It’s bonfire night!!! It’s really interesting because it means lots and lots of twigs and sticks have been placed all together in one giant heap. How much fun does that sound? I love playing with twigs! Unfortunately I’ve been told that the humans will burn all of these with some kind of ‘guy’ in the […]