We’ve all got pet passports now!

Furiends the puppies are mature enough now to have their own passports! All three of us are ready for any new adventure that life throws at us. I’ve traveled through quite a lot of Europe now and I’ve never been asked for my passport, but we would never risk getting into trouble. We wanted to […]

A paesome weekend!

We’ve all had a pawesome weekend here in Lago Maggiore. The humans and April have been out on the boat lots and enjoyed lots of pawesome apperitivo. Today they visited a new (to us) lake called Lago Orta. The town was absolutely stunning. My aunty and uncle leave tomorrow morning and for the rest of […]

April went into Rome!

Today I had a day off puppy training duties because I sent April to Rome with mum and Bobbie. It was a day of firsts for April. It was her first time on a bus, on a train, meeting new dogs and her first time in a loud city. She was very well behaved apparently […]

Laundry pile!

Whether you live on a boat or in a house, the best place to sleep is always on top of a fresh laundry pile! My selfish humans have put the washing away now, but I was really enjoying my fresh napping until they did! Bisous, Bailey

We made it to Greece! 

After a very long three days and two nights at sea we’ve finally made it safely to Greece! The wind and swell weren’t in our favour and we decided we didn’t want to beat into it for days, so we’ve ended up a lot further south than we intended, on the island of Kefalonia.  It’s […]

Days off!

Obviously I work hard everyday to keep the humans in check and the boat ship shape. The humans aren’t quite as resilient though and they need days off from their jobs. Today was dad’s last working day and now he has four full days off. I’ve been planning some fun things to do together… I […]

Ferry watch

I loved watching the ferries combining in and out of Elba when we were in Portoferraio. They were really frequent because it’s such a popular island. It took all of us a while to get used to being rocked around by the ferry wash (we normally try to avoid areas like this). Even though they […]

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Life is pawesome! I’m feeling very lucky at the moment to have such wonderful furiends and to be living on my boat after dreaming about it for so long. It’s been four months already and they’ve been the best four months of my furry life! August is the holiday month here in Italy and the […]

Missing my freedom!

It’s nice to be home in the marina in some ways… (The humans have started washing their stinky clothes for example!) but I really do miss the freedom of being on anchor. Now that we’re back in the marina the humans are once again holding me captive inside. I love being outside and I know […]

Defending the ducks from the dinghy devils!

Normally when we sail away the humans and I like to keep moving and visit lots of different places. They haven’t sorted out the ‘work thing’ yet, so we always have to get back to our base marina within a few weeks. We’ve been in Portoferraio for four full days now though. We LOVE it […]