Floating fascination!

Take a bow!

Run along human!

Put your best paw forward

Seeking out the shade!

Keeping cool!

Today the temperature has suddenly jumped to 25 degrees Celsius! (That’s about 77 degrees for my American furiends.) It’s rather toasty inside the boat. We’ve got the hatch open and the fans going, but I’ve been keeping cool by chilling out on top of the fridge! I’ve been trying to convince the humans to invest […]

Feather Friday!

This morning we had a welcome thunderstorm here in the marina which cooled things down for a little bit temporarily. It’s been very hot again this afternoon though. I found a feather which has been a great source of fun! The humans were laughing at me… But they haven’t quite yet learnt that it’s the […]

Boiling in our marina.

Furiends I’m back in our home marina. Yesterday was a very long day! We set sail from Isola del Giglio at about 9.45am and arrived here in Rome at around 9.30 pm. We did around 70 nautical miles yesterday! It was a lovely day for a long sail and we all had fun. I spent […]