The humans are in Florida Keys!

So my humans have finally been in touch and they’ve safely arrived in Florida Keys! I think it’s the best surprise ever. When they left Rome yesterday morning mum still had no clue where they were going! Dad has spoiled her with the best surprise treating her to a first class ticket to Miami from […]

Solis Lough Eske Castle

Wow! I got some pawesome photos from the humans today! They are having a great time in Ireland. Dad’s sister treated them to a night in Solis Lough Eske Castle. Dad used to play there when he was growing up and it was derelict. But since then, its been restored to its former glory and […]

Happy to be home!

Hi furriends! I’m back!!! My mum and dad picked me up from cat camp last night. I’m so happy to be home. As you know I was quite apprehensive about cat camp, but it wasn’t so bad in the end. The human was nice and I got lots of treats. I was a little ‘misunderstood’ […]