Caturday Connections – Boat Lobsters – Thermidora and Bisque!

Hi furiends! Yesterday was an impawtant day for my lobsters so today I’m welcoming them to Caturday Connections! So girls, yesterday was your first time actually sailing, how did you find it? Thermi: We sailed yesterday? Bisque: I heard the engine and felt a little bit of movement but we barely moved compared to the […]

Christmas has come early for the lobsters!

My lobsters have been fighting a lot recently and my humans were worried that we were going to have to separate them into two cages. I suggested since we’re moving onto land in March we could get them a lobster palace and they’d be so happy that they’d stop fighting. Paws crossed, my plan has […]

My lobsters have names!

Thank you all for all of your pawesome suggestions for names for my two new Russian hamster sisfurs. I loved lots of them but the general consensus seemed to be to stick to a food chain, I mean theme. So I thought long and hard about it and then I realised… What could be tastier […]