Duvet day

It’s a really grey and miserable day today and so once mum got back we decided to have a duvet day. Apparently for most humans, it means they snuggle up under the duvet and watch films and things. For me this means I stay on top, and play with the funny monster that lives beneath […]

Boys up to mischief!

I love having my dad here because I’m allowed to get away with anything! Today he invented a new game which is so much fun. Mum wasn’t so amused though because she’s been trying to teach me not to pull down the curtains…. Dad thought it was a great idea to hang up the blue […]


Since I came home from cat camp my humans have been giving me extra attention.  I love playing and every single time I ask to play recently… I’ve been indulged!  I’m lucky that they love to play too but usually they get tired before me.  I think they’ve had some kind of play vitamin though because […]