Keeping clean on Caturday

I’m having a little pamper session today and grooming my fur. The humans are laughing because I’m cleaning my rug too… They think I can’t tell the difference between my fur and my furry rug! Seriously humans? Of course I can, I just like to keep it clean and soft! It’s terrible weather today so […]

Camera shy!

Now as you can probably tell I’m not normally camera shy. The humans tell me the camera loves me! I don’t have any strong feelings for the camera one way or the other, but some days when you’re having a bad fur-day I wish the camera would just buzz off! Does anyone else suffer from […]

Heating heaven

For the first time this year we have finally turned on the heating! Now I know alot of you have probably had it on for months but today, well this evening really, is a first for us. We moved to the flat here in Nice in the Summer, and this is the first time that we […]

Cleaning and de-fur-ilising

So I’m home alone today… Mum left last night to go down to Rome and see my dad. He’s working all day but she wanted to clean the boat. I wanted to go too, obviously, but she said because it’s a flying visit I should stay here in Nice and relax. She muttered something about […]