Early human catches the flight!

Mum has managed to transfer onto an earlier flight because she got to the airport early, which means she’ll be home in about three hours! Hooray! We’re very excited, however we’re now very busy hiding all the evidence of how much fun we’ve been having! Let’s hope we can get Nocturne shipshape before she arrives! […]

Woofies I’d like my human back now please!

I’ve enjoyed guy time but it’s definitely time for mum to come home now. I’ve asked my cousins to send her back. Mum will spend most of the day traveling tomorrow. She’ll take the train from Cornwall to London and then fly to Rome, so she should be with us at about 11PM. I’m looking […]

Snorkelling secrets!

When we’re out on anchor my humans love to go snorkelling. On the one hand I find watching them hilarious… They put on fins and silly masks with tubes that stick up out of their heads like alien antenna. On the other hand they can be sooo embarrassing! Sometimes they snorkel around the boat so […]

That Friday Feeling!

Oh yes! I’ve got that Friday feeling! IT’S THE WEEKEND! Hooray! I was feeling rather rock and roll and got a little carried away…. So I fled the scene quickly, oozing nonchalance… And now I’m doing my best to look innocent! Have a pawesome weekend! Bisous Bailey

Serenaded by a canoeist!

While we were in Gilio we were enjoying the early morning one day when a canoeist came past. I’d never seen one, so naturally I went to have a closer look! He said that if he sees a Bella Donna he just has to sing! He took a shining to my mum and started to […]

Fish are friends!

I’ve been really enjoying learning how to fish. The humans make it sound really difficult but in reality it’s fairly simple. You prepare your line. Then you cast your line and wait… This part is great, it gives you time to contemplate life and enjoy being out in the ocean. When you feel a little […]

Evening swim…

Well the humans have been for several swims since we’ve been out here enjoying our holiday. Last night I got quite flustered and decided hey you only live once and I just leapt in off the bow! I don’t really know what possessed me to make such a spectacle of myself in a busy weekend […]

How to generate more power?!

I’ve been surfing the net today, as you do, and was amused to find this…. I just hope the humans don’t take it too seriously, else I fear I might be promoted from crew member to Nocturne’s energy elixir! Nocturne and I are very happy with our current relationship! Our mutual love of the ocean, […]

Manic Monday