Everything happens for a reason.

Today was the day we were supposed to be taking ownership of the boat we were in the middle of purchasing. As most of you know it didn’t work out and left all three of us feeling pretty bad. I wrote all about it here. Today however, we’re not moping around we’re busy working on […]

Lefkada, Greece

Furiends as you know I had internet troubles yesterday so I couldn’t upload the Film on Friday video… So it’s Cinema on Caturday instead this week! It’s just a quick snapshot of what the humans saw in Lefkada. Naturally, it features many furry furiends! I hope you like it! I’d just like to thank you […]


Furiends I’ve got sad news. As you know I sent my humans to Greece for the survey of what we thought was going to be our new boat, the Formosa 51, Atlantia. Unfortunately the survey, carried out by an expert in his field, showed concerning issues with Atlantia. It wouldn’t be fair of me to […]

Waiting for the humans!

The humans are coming home from Greece tomorrow. I’d usually be quite excited, but I’m having such a good time with John and Bobby I’ve not had a chance to miss them! I’ve not even spoken to them! Hopefully the humans will bring me back something tasty though! What are you all doing this week? […]

Sleepy Fishercat!