Flower power!

Mum got some beautiful flowers today… I was innocently giving them the sniff test, for quality control purposes, when I got shouted at! They’re poisonous to cats you see and when I pretended I wanted to eat them the humans freaked out! They are now out of my reach and I’ve heard they’ll be spending […]

Easter projects and daffodils!

After I was wrongly accused of attacking the orchid the humans said we wouldn’t be having any more flowers. But today as mum was leaving the supermarket there were children selling daffodils to raise money for children in need over Easter, and she just couldn’t resist. I think they are lovely… But the temptation was […]

Bataille de Fleurs

The ‘Bataile de Fleurs’ is an annual event that takes place during the Nice Carnival along the Promenade des Anglais on the French Riviera. It literally means ‘battle of the flowers’ and is a one of a kind flower parade, showcasing some of the beautiful flowers that grow in the South of France. Yesterday mum […]

Innocent until proven guilty!

There’s a small mystery in the flat today. When mum came home from work she instantly realised that the orchid had been attacked! Now I enjoy gardening as much as the next cat, but I’ve been busy with other things recently. Mum seems to think that I’m to blame. The other orchid is fine and […]