The humans were very amused to see the locals waiting for their breakfast outside the fishmongers this morning… They didn’t have to wait long, they obviously have their humans well trained! I decided to eat what the locals eat so I set my humans a fishing task…it took them a while but I was proud […]

Sealing and searching for fish!

The humans have been busy in the cockpit today getting Nocturne ready for the summer season. They’ve been resealing some of the teak decking before they treat it with Teak Wonder (a type of cleaner). While they’ve been doing that, I’ve been searching for fish… Well watching them really, you don’t have to look too […]

Fish markets!

Mum left for Rome last night for a flying visit. She’s coming back tomorrow. The humans have been to the markets in Rome today and seen lots of yummy things. I want to go next time because apparently there’s lots of fish! It makes me hungry just looking at them all! They look delicious! I […]