Fish TV for evfurryone!

Furiends I’m so pleased this week to be sharing Fish TV for my Film on Friday! As you can see, it’s always changing and very interesting. I’m afraid to say, sometimes I lose the whole day if I get ‘caught up’ watching fish TV! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I […]

Fish TV!

I’ve started my week as I mean to go on… watching fish TV! It’s great fun at the moment because there’s a huge range of fish sizes. There’s lots of new baby fish that are traveling fast in big groups, as well as the older bigger fish that leisurely swim by. I love watching all […]

Fish TV

We don’t actually have a television here on Nocturne. The humans have a TV screen and they enjoy watching films and TV series on it (we also use this screen for the computer) but we don’t watch any actual TV. I’m happy for them to watch what they like as long as it doesn’t interfere […]