Sleeping on land!

Furiends the ferry was pawesome! I had a great time checking out all of their safety gear. The Gramps enjoyed the ferry too! The sunset was, of course, beautiful. It’s always special watching the sun set from out at sea. When we arrived in Portoferraio the town was twinkling with all the lights along the […]

Ferry fun!

Furiends I’m in my car in a queue waiting for the ferry! Yes! The FERRY! We’re on our way to Elba to show the Gramps around. We’ve had a lovely road trip. We stopped in Porto Ercole for the humans to have lunch and I enjoyed watching the world go by from the comfort of […]

Defending the ducks from the dinghy devils!

Normally when we sail away the humans and I like to keep moving and visit lots of different places. They haven’t sorted out the ‘work thing’ yet, so we always have to get back to our base marina within a few weeks. We’ve been in Portoferraio for four full days now though. We LOVE it […]

Naming ‘Nauti’ in Portoferraio!

What an eventful twenty-four hours furiends! We sailed around to Porrtoferraio when the swell really picked up where we were yesterday, by the beach. We spent the afternoon cleaning up and having fun. The humans went into the town for a couple of hours in the evening to have a wander around and something to […]

Moonlight magic!

Furiends we’re finally out of the marina! We’re heading north to the island of Elba! It’s going to take us about 16-18 hours, so it will be my first night time passage! I’m very excited about it as I’m sure it’s going to be purrfect for watching the stars! I, of course, have excellent night […]

Satisfying Sunday