Happy Easter Evfurryone and Happy 2nd Birthday April and Blue!

Happy Easter to all of you dear furiends who celebrate! I hope you’re all having a bunny good time and eating lots of safe and tasty treats! Today is also April and Blue’s 2nd birthday! Where has all the time gone? I can’t believe they’re TWO years old already! They have enjoyed a special birthday […]

Happy Easter!

Mysterious Monday

That’s right furiends, today is not the day that I can reveal what I’ve been teasing you about I’m afraid… but it is the start of a hopefully very exciting week in which I will be able to tell you my very exciting news! It’s been a beautiful but windy day here in the marina […]

Happy Easter!

Easter egg hunt!

The humans are coming home tomorrow from their mini-adventure and I’ve been busy today hiding Easter eggs in preparation! Sharkie and Blue have also been helping! I can’t wait to see the humans trying to find them all over the weekend! I don’t like chocolate of course, but I’ll be indulging in some tuna and […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter evfurryone! We’re having lots of fun here on Nocturne. The Easter bunny visited! My fur-less cousins came to search for all the eggs… Look at what they found! They love me… I love them too but preferably from a distance! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend with your family. Remember there’s […]

Easter projects and daffodils!

After I was wrongly accused of attacking the orchid the humans said we wouldn’t be having any more flowers. But today as mum was leaving the supermarket there were children selling daffodils to raise money for children in need over Easter, and she just couldn’t resist. I think they are lovely… But the temptation was […]