New outboard = rowing home!

We’ve invested in a new outboard! Dad surprised mum with it yesterday. It’s a Mercury 3.5 hp Four Stroke which has only been used once and we got it for less than half price! It’s nice and light to put on the dinghy quickly, and will be a lot easier for mum and any visiting […]

Cleaning the bottom of the dinghy

I’m happy to hear that my dinghy has been cleaned this morning! Mum and dad motored around to our good friend Captain Tony’s boat and used the crane to hoist it out of the water. It wasn’t as bad as last time, but there was still a fair bit of algae and slime on the […]

Laser 470 sailing school

The humans have been enjoying a lovely sunny day out in the dinghy, watching some nifty little lasers whizzing around. They are really pawesome little boats and ideal for learning to sail. The young sailors were followed by an instructor in a dingy behind them. Mum reckons the girls were much better than the boys! […]

Calm before the storm

Swanning around

So my mum deserted me went to be with dad again and I’m here in Nice enjoying Elizabeth’s company. She came over twice yesterday and then again for breakfast this morning. We love playing together and she loves the turtles just as much as I do. Mum’s been betraying me being kind to the feral […]

Salty Satisfaction