Drama with the dinghy devils!

It’s a beautiful day here. I’ve finally been enjoying some time outside in one of my favourite spots on the ledge. (Up until now it’s been too blowy to go outside…The humans said I’d get blown away!) Because it’s been so rough out, the water is pretty disgusting. It’s all been churned up and there’s […]

Dinghy devil countdown.

I’ve spent most of today chattering with dinghy devils… The only problem has been that I’ve been trying to do it from behind glass and they’re definitely much less responsive than when I’m outside on the boat! I can’t wait to get back and protect my Nocturne from the dinghy devils. I’m counting down the […]

Dinghy Devils… Down Under!

The humans have been missing me extra today! It turns out they have dinghy devils Down Under too! They saw a couple in Sydney at darling harbour yesterday. Today, however, when they went to Bondi Beach they saw hundreds!!!! They even tried to steal their chips at lunchtime! There would be none of this nonsense […]