I love puzzles, thank you Fuel Guard!

Furiends I’m so excited, today we’re figuring out where to purrlace the Fuel Guard system in Nocturne. Here’s the kit we received from Fuel Guard. There’s lots of bits and once we’ve combined them with our on-board spares, we should have everything we need… All the pieces remind me of a puzzle! Our fuel system […]

The most PAWESOME week ever!

Furiends, this week my little sister comes home! It’s going to be the most PAWESOME week ever! I think she looks like a baby bear at the moment and I can’t wait to start training her to do exactly what I say! I’ll try and be patient with her though. I remember what it was […]

Fuel Guard saves us from diesel bug FOREVER!

Remember I told you that I had pawesome news to announce this week? Well furiends today is the day! I have the upmost purrleasure to announce that after seeing our troubles with diesel bug last summer the PAWESOME company Fuel Guard have offered to sponsor us and provide us with one of their Fuel Guard […]

Diesel Bug strike two

Unfortunately after paying for our fuel tanks to be ‘professionally’ cleaned we set out to sea only to have the engine stop again! This time we were in a very different situation to the first time. We were properly at sea and it was the middle of night. After checking and realising that there was […]

Getting rid of diesel bug

As you know we had an unfortunate incident with diesel bug when the engine stopped as we were leaving Corfu. We made it back to Gouvia marina and looked into sorting out our problem. We researched a method called diesel fuel polishing where the fuel is pumped out and through a machine where its cleaned […]

Diesel bug drama

My boat has bugs! Yes furiends, many of you were right most of the problems with a modern diesel engine is fuel contamination or the engine being starved of fuel. Diesel bug is the boating name given to the organisms that form slimes in diesel fuels. It’s a microbe caused by water content in the […]