Thinking and purraying for everyone who is at Irma’s mercy.

Dear furinds, I’m sitting here safely in Italy thinking and purraying for all of my dear furiends in the path of Irma. I’ve never seen anything like her and I wish I could do something to help. The humans and I have many furiends across the affected region that are being evacuated at the moment. […]

Sailing selfie!

Monday madness- barking mad!

Furiends I think my humans are barking mad most of the time, but I’ve been hearing whispers today that have confirmed my worst fears…They’re crazy! They’ve not officially told me yet, so I’d better not say anything. I can’t let the cat out of the bag that I eavesdrop, but I think you’re all going […]

No photos today please!

Sea breeze selfie

Strolling through the week!

Caturday Connections- Scurvy

This week I’ve got the purrleasure of interviewing my dear furiend Scurvy! I hope you enjoy it! Firstly Scurvy I’d like to apologise again for being mean to you when you came aboard Nocturne. Believe it or not I actually really miss you and your humans now! I can’t wait for evfurryone to get to […]

Spring Sailing onto Land!

There’s nothing nicer than a fresh sail in spring to blow away the barnacles! We had a pawesome day today with an early start and a sunny sail. I was very excited to be out of the marina. I love feeling the breeze ruffle my fur. Instead of going back to our home berth however, […]

Land Life = Complicated!

I’d forgotten how complicated living on land is. I’ve had quite a week dealing with connecting utilities such as gas and water, okay I admit it, I delegated most of it to the humans. These are all the things that we take care of ourselves living afloat but now we’re relying on big companies and […]

Happy Paddy’s Day!

Dear Furiends, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day from your favourite Irish boat! Wishing you all the luck of the Irish! Bisous, Bailey