Cornish Caturday!

Happy Cornish Caturday furiends! The humans are leaving very early tomorrow to make their way home to me. They’ve loved meeting Blossom, the puppy, but of course they miss me dreadfully! I’ve been having a great time with my furiend Gery here and tomorrow I’ve got a special Sunday Selfie that we did together. Bisous, […]

Cornish cousins

As you all know my mum is visiting her family in Cornwall, so I’ve been enjoying getting updates on all of my furry cousins! I must admit I did trick you a little yesterday, because I actually asked my cousin Cassidy to sleep in the same room with my human to make sure she didn’t […]

Warm welcome at The Lizard Lifeboat Station!

I’m so very very pleased to tell you that my UK representatives ‘The Gramps’ had a very warm welcome at The Lizard lifeboat station on Tuesday evening. Mrs Gramps is pictured here handing over our donation that you all helped to make happen, making my birthday very special. If you missed the story you can […]

Dinghy devil you’ve gone too far this time!

My humans flew home last night and obviously I was very happy to see them. I got extra treats and lots of cuddles. My Mousey was happy to see them too because he wouldn’t stop wriggling around! I loved hearing all the tales of the wedding and hearing all about Cornwall where my mum comes […]