Caturday Connections – Toby the star of YouTube!

For this week’s Caturday Connections I have the purrleasure to welcome a viral YouTube sensation, a little guy with a huge purrsonality, the one and only….Toby the pug! Welcome Toby! Tell us a little bit about yourself…..who do you live with? Do you like them? I was born in Portsmouth in February 2007, and my […]

Caturday Connections- Florence and Freddy

This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming my cousins, Florence and Freddy, to Caturday Connections! Tell us a little bit about yourselves. We’re Florence and Freddy and we are red-foot tortoises. Red-foots originate from South America but we were captive born in England last year as our species are vulnerable to extinction in the […]

Caturday Connections – Maggie and Felix

Furiends this week I have my pawesome furiends, the cats behind the human who created The Museum of Maritime Pets, Maggie and Felix! Welcome guys! As most of you know I’m the ambassador for the museum and I’m so honored that Maggie and Felix took time out of their busy schedule to join us today. […]

Caturday Connections- Crooks

Dear furiends, welcome to this weeks installment of Caturday Connctions! This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming boat cat Crooks aboard! Tell us a little bit about yourself Crooks… I am a 7 year old Maine coon. My humans took me in about 6 years ago when the family I was with decided to […]

Caturday Connections – Purrseidon

Welcome furiends to this week’s Caturday Connections! This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming the pawesome Purrseidon aboard! Welcome Purrseidon! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I will be 2 on October 2nd. Mahatma Gandhi, Sting and Kelly Ripa were also born on that day. Apparently us Libras are charming, smart and beautiful, […]

Caturday Connections – my baby sister – April Blue

Dear furiends, Thank you all for your kind words, advice and encouragement for my new life with a baby sister. April is a little bit shy still, but I’ve told her that I have lots of furiends and they are all her furiends too now, so she has nothing to be afraid of. So tell […]

Caturday Cat Nap!

Furiends I tried my hardest this week with a few different furiends to arrange Caturday Connections, but you know how we felines like to nap… Sending you all purrs and wishes for peaceful Cat Naps… we’ll be back next week! Happy Caturday! Bisous, Bailey

Caturday Catch Up

Happy Caturday Furiends! I’m sorry that there’s no Caturday Connections this week. Mum and I have been having a bit of a catch up instead. You know the way things go sometimes, we’ve been busy and had lots of other impawtant things to do. I promise it will be back next week though. I hope […]

Caturday Connections- Loki

Hi Furiends and welcome to this weeks Caturday Connections! This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming my new furiend Loki! As you know he stayed here with my humans and I for a week and I thought you’d all like to get to know him better too! Hi Buddy! Tell us a little bit […]

Caturday Connections- Captain Sunny Meowser

Happy Caturday Furiends and a very warm welcome to Capt. Sunny for this weeks Caturday Connections. Tell us a little bit about yourself Sunny. Capt. Chris here, the guy with the opposable thumbs Sunny keeps around to type emails and make our boat go. So being dictated here goes… Sunny?… I adopted Capt. Chris almost […]