Sorry I’ve been MIA… I’ve been dog sitting!

Dear furiends, I’m so sorry for being MIA for the past week. I’ve been absolutely run off my paws keeping April and Blue in check. Mum has been in the U.K since Thursday for a hen do (a bachelorette party) and now she’s at home in Cornwall with all of my cousins. She comes home […]

Mini Milestones and a visit to Nocturne!

Happy Caturday furiends! We are celebrating mini milestones here… as you may remember when April first invaded joined our crew, we had a love hate relationship… she loved me and I hated her! After a few bops on her nose she learnt that I’m the boss and now she doesn’t dare cross me or charge […]

Caturday Connections – Cody from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

Furiends I have a wonderful guest and a very dear furiend of mine today for Caturday Connections, the pawesome Cody is here! Thank you for coming Buddy! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Let’s see “it was a dark and stormy night…” oh wait!! That’s about some cartoon woofie, not ME! Hmmm, let’s see…something […]

April and I had our first big fight… Guess who won?

April and I got into our biggest fight to date today… Over my catch of the day! I had waited for ages for a baby lizard to leave the security of his shelter and when he did I pounced! I got his tail and I was just about to enjoy the fruits of my labour […]

April’s first trip to Ponza was a huge success!

I’ve got a shadow!

I’ve been showing April around the garden today and she’s so funny! She’s like my shadow! She thinks I can’t see her… But I always know where she is! She’s being very respectful and she seems to like some of the same games as I do, so once I’m sure she’s well behaved I might […]

Caturday Connections: Cousins Nemo, Lola and Cassidy

Welcome furiends and cousins to this weeks Caturday Connections. This week I’m interviewing my feline cousins in Cornwall. I hope you all enjoy it! Hi Guys! Tell us a little bit about yourselves. Lola: I’m half ragdoll and the beautiful one. My dad adores me. Nemo: Yep Lola’s the princess and I’m the loving one. […]